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Everywhere you look, it seems innovation on technology is rapidly mutating like there’s no tomorrow. Before you can say “automate” there’s a new application, product, or service that allows organizations and businesses to accomplish a whole truck load of manual tasks by way of tools and services that enable them to simply, do more.

Businesses today want to align their IT build strategy to business, automate and analyze business services and performance, explore new product and development opportunities, improve their service delivery, manage compliance, mitigate risk and at the same time ensure customer satisfaction.

To monitor performance across several functions continually, all the time balancing outages proactively requires proactive planning and insights.

Platform-as-a-service provider ServiceNow for example, helps you manage your IT, Business and Applications easily without a hassle. With PaaS, the IT function can focus on improving workflow efficiencies across DevOps by working collaboratively and speedily that results in faster delivery.

DevOps Automation And PaaS

Large enterprises with distributed assets and public cloud can benefit from a better managed workflow and automation. Fuzzy views of how your DevOps is performing can affect the delivery timelines, which constitute a whole bunch of processes including Log Management, Incident Management, Problem Resolution, Change Management, Configuration Management and Programmed CMDB among others can benefit with DevOps automation tools such as RL Catalyst. RL Catalyst for instance does not have a conventional approach to managing DevOps which are people and process-heavy. With in-built self-service remediation and integration with monitoring tools, RL Catalyst provides real time visibility into the health and diagnostics of the overall system. All data is captured, processed, analyzed and actionable information created to pass feedback to Operations, Testing, Development, Product management groups. For other workflows that need human intervention, Self- service is integrated between Planning tools, Orchestration and Workflow Approval tools.

With PaaS providers such as ServiceNow, businesses have ready-made, go-to solutions that help empower, govern, manage compliance, and pretty much help keep an eye on every aspect of business, giving you better throughput, saving you money and deriving maximum business value. Whether it’s IT project management, demand management, resource management, financial management, or Agile development, there’s greater certainty when it comes to service or product delivery.

Both RL Catalyst and ServiceNow augment enhanced productivity by automating mundane tasks giving businesses greater visibility and control over desired outcomes. So in effect what it all boils down to is that current IT development, business or application environments need a whole level of sophistication for optimal performance. This degree of sophistication can be achieved with advanced automation products and platforms such as ServiceNow and RL Catalyst that are helping transform businesses

BOTs – another face of automation

When you think of BOTs, they’ve actually been around for over 5 decades. But according to Kurt Wagner of, we’re increasingly hearing of BOTs because, “the technology that powers BOTs, artificial intelligence software, is improving dramatically, thanks to heightened interest from key Silicon Valley powers like Facebook and Google.”

BOTs are being developed to help people accomplish a bunch of things. From scheduling meetings to managing your email threads to perhaps even filing your taxes, BOTs are being designed to do your thinking for you. They could find multiple uses across verticals including healthcare, IT, manufacturing and more. After all the idea is to take away the tedium of manual tasks, increase efficiencies, reduce errors, and manage and improve overall performance of anything – product, service, design, tools and everyday tasks.

BOTs can be multi-faceted and perform several roles – from monitoring your CPU usage to collating all costs from spreadsheets on IT spends, bringing about greater transparency to capturing all demand requests from multiple systems perhaps and displaying them on a single dashboard, and more.

When product specialists such as RL Catalyst and PaaS providers such as ServiceNow integrate BOTs into their operating environments, businesses can rest assured that BOTs will empower teams, management and end-customers to work with greater cohesion – delivering what is needed, when it’s needed – where the results are assured, transformative and profitable.

ServiceNow: is changing the way people work by placing a service-oriented lens on the activities, tasks and processes that make up day-to-day work life, operate faster and be more scalable than ever before.

Relevance Lab: is a DevOps Specialist Company focused on making Cloud adoption easy for Enterprises by leveraging DevOps Driven Engineering, DevOps Driven ITSM and DevOps based Cloud Governance.