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Why do organizations need “AI Compass Framework”? 
As part of growing interest and attention on Artificial Intelligence (AI) market trends, the basic ask for all enterprises is around their adoption of this disruptive trend and prepare for the same. Relevance Lab has launched an “AI Taskforce” that covers key participants from geographies and customer advisory participants for this innovation. The primary focus is to define core and priority themes relevant for business and customers based on current assessment. This is an emerging space with a lot of global investments and innovation expected to drive major disruption in the next decade that requires an iterative model for strategy and an agile approach with focused concept incubations.   
Customer Needs for AI Adoption 
The most common ask from all customers is using GenAI for their business with the primary goals around the following business objectives: 
  • Enhancing their end customer experience and business outcomes 
  • Saving costs with better efficiency leveraging the new AI models & interaction channels 
  • Improving their core Products & Offerings with AI to ensure the business does not get disrupted with fear of becoming irrelevant 
The figure below captures the summary of customer asks, common business problems, and categories of solutions being explored. 
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Relevance Lab AI Compass Framework  
We have launched the “Relevance Lab AI Compass Framework" to guide and collaborate with customers in defining the early areas of focus in building solutions leveraging AI. The goal is to have this as a prescriptive model helping jumpstart the adoption of Enterprise and GenAI “The Right Way”. The figure below explains the same. 
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Product Engineering with AI  
This track focusses on how to make AI Architecture and Design patterns part of better Product Design? Find and recommend new architectures and integration with new GenAI models for making existing software products smarter with embedded AI techniques. We expect new products to adopt an “AI-First” approach to new developments. Every product in their focused vertical (Healthcare & Life Sciences, BFSI, Media & Communication, Technology) will need to embed AI into their core architecture.  
Business Data Decisions with AI  
This track defines AI enhanced Data Engineering for common use cases and building blocks.  The traditional focus of AI initiatives has been on using primarily giving agile & actionable insights to following:  
  • What happened in my business – this is Informative? 
  • What will happen – this is Predictive? 
  • What should be done – this is Prescriptive?  
The new dimension GenAI has added to the above is around “Generative” capabilities. Along with the need for building new features, there is growing adoption of popular data platforms like Databricks, Snowflake, Azure Data Factory, AWS Data Lake etc. that need to integrate with product specific AI enhancements. 
Co-Development Opportunities with customers  
As part of expediting the innovation in this emerging area we are launching a co-development program with early participants to build on use cases specific to customer verticals and domain specific needs. We have a dedicated specialized team working on deep GenAI and Enterprise AI skills and building re-usable components for a jumpstart. To know more about how to collaborate contact us at

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