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Cloudification Achieving Business Scale
& Compelling Customer Experience


Key service offerings
Legacy enterprises must modernize themselves and adopt new application architectures before they can embark on the ‘cloudification’ journey. Cloudification provides the scale and agility to an enterprise’s business processes. It promises and delivers instant gratification to end users, and hence can be a great catalyst for delivering compelling customer experience.Relevance Lab helps organizations in adopting the cloud the right way, to provide business scale and superior customer experience.
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Cloud Consulting
Our cloud consulting solution ensures that clients take the right decisions on their cloud journey. We understand the business objectives of our clients and then suggest the right technology and operating model. The key components of our cloud consulting services are:
- Modernization assessment
- Cloud value assessment
- Cloud TCO assessment
- Security assessment
- BCP assessment
- Operating model determination
- Governance model strategy
- Compliance and regulatory requirements strategy
- Migration strategy
- IT operations strategy
- Platform and technology decisions
- Capacity planning and sizing
- Solution architect
Legacy Modernization
We help enterprises modernize their application architecture, to reduce the complexity of the IT environment, reduce costs, and bring in data consistency and collaboration across platforms. Before embarking on the cloud journey, assessment of all systems and applications with respect to its architecture is carried out. Based on this, the modernization initiative is carried out, which is a long-term plan for any enterprise. Legacy systems are a very critical component for any organization and hence this modernization initiative is planned properly in order to avoid any operational risks.
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Cloud Native Development
We help our clients in carrying out native development on the cloud. Our specific experience in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) helps organizations be more responsive, consistent, and relevant to their clients. It helps their business growth strategy by allowing them to expand globally, at scale. Further, our expertise in Demandware helps organizations expand their business through digital and mobile commerce sites.
DevOps Implementation
Relevance Lab leverages the core principles of DevOps such as collaboration, automation, monitoring, and feedback, to remove inefficiencies across the software delivery lifecycle. This allows enterprises to improve product quality and customer experience. We also help enterprises to adopt the cloud in the right way, using DevOps principles.
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