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Driving Frictionless Scientific Research 
on AWS Cloud with Self-Service Portal
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Solution for Universities and Research Institutions to use Self-Service Cloud leveraging RLCatalyst Research Gateway
Scientific Research is enabling innovations and discoveries in multiple fields to make human life better. There are large and complex programs funded by governments, the public sector and private organizations. Every higher education institution and universities globally has a specialized focus on research programs. The need to drive frictionless research across geographies requires ability to focus on Science while addressing the specific needs of People-Programs-Resources interactions. Leveraging Open Data repositories (e.g. Open Data on AWS) is also a key need for intramural and extramural collaboration in this segment.
The scientific research community of researchers and principal investigators need a solution that helps them focus on science and not worry about infrastructure, security, data privacy, collaboration, and governance. The IT teams of Universities and Research Organizations want to provide Self-Service Access to the scientific research community with appropriate controls on budget tracking, approved asset consumption, and secure data analysis. The solution needs to be cost-effective, easy to deploy and, flexible to fit with existing setups. Relevance Lab has developed Research Gateway to address these needs of researchers.
RLCatalyst Research Gateway is now available in AWS Marketplace. We are also proud to start on ISV Journey with AWS ISV Partner Path. For a step-by-step walkthrough of how you can run your research and genomics workloads on Research Gateway in less than 30 minutes, read the blog co-written by the Relevance Lab leadership and AWS team.
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Why do we need an RLCatalyst Research Gateway?
Working in close partnership with AWS Scientific Research teams we have created a solution that helps consume AWS Cloud Assets for Research with a Self Service Portal easily integrated into existing AWS customer accounts and extending security, budget management and data access with 1-Click AWS Service Catalog assets. Universities and Research Institutions can adopt this solution with minimal upfront investments and user training built on Open Source platforms with enterprise support options. Relevance Lab's RLCatalyst Research Gateway on AWS acts as a bridge providing seamless & secure interaction for personas, access to programs & budgets with ability to consume and manage lifecycle of research-related computational and data resources. 
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The specialized group of Researchers, Principal Investigators collaborating across organizations, disciplines and countries with open collaboration needs.


Specialized research programs, funding, grants, governance, reporting, publishing outcomes, etc, into specialized areas like health, environment, space, earth, etc.


High Performance Computing resources, large data for studies, analytics models, data security & privacy, sharing & collaboration, Identity & Access Management with connectivity to Open Data sources.

Key Features of the Solution
RL Catalyst Research Gateway is a self-service Cloud portal solution allowing researchers to focus on scientific outcomes and making the process of accessing infrastructure, applications and, data in a frictionless manner. The solution can be rapidly deployed to meet specific requirements of universities and research institutions to get started using existing Cloud accounts. The portal provides a rich list of features tailor-made for the research community.
  • Setting up projects, service catalogs, budgets and researchers.

  • Publish & maintain service catalogs of AWS services.

  • View Study data from private and public sources and use that for building analytics models leveraging AI/ML tools.

  • Easy launch and intelligent interaction with AWS services.

  • Budget tracking & cost optimization of launched AWS services.

  • Deployment and provisioning of launched AWS services within a well-architected and secure AWS environment.

Getting Started
There are simple ways to get started.
  • Get an Organization created in our Hosted AWS Cloud RLCatalyst Research Gateway.

  • Setup your AWS Account and sync up your standard AWS Service Catalog Items (dynamic 1-Click sync allowed), configure Budget and enable Researchers for Projects.

  • Researchers can log-in and order any standard AWS Asset (EC2, Sagemaker, S3, Workspace, etc), with 1-Click and start doing their Research with complete visibility on active products, budget consumption and the ability to manage work from single console.

  • Principal Investigators can have a close view on budget governance and project tracking with secure and simple self service workflows.

The entire setup can be completed quickly with minimum training and an elegant user experience. The solution can be integrated with existing IT Governance practices saving a lot of manual work and effective tracking.
SaaS Small
1-10 Users
US$ 500 Per Month
SaaS Medium
11-25 Users
US$ 1000 Per Month
SaaS Large
26-100 Users
US$ 2000 Per Month
Self Hosting with Advanced Enterprise Features
US$ 50,000 Annually
* SaaS available only through AWS Marketplace model with applicable handling expenses additional.
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Key Screenshots of Research Gateway
For any university or research institution looking for an easy cloud based solution to move in-house scientific research process to a mature platform RLCatalyst Research Gateway is a great fit. The core solution is offered in two flexible models - Hosted Option (SAAS) or customer self-managed deployment (in their AWS Instance). Customers looking for standard features usually prefer the Hosted Option. Others requiring customisation and integration with existing systems, unique security and data privacy needs prefer a self-managed option.
To learn more about RLCatalyst Research Gateway refer to following the additional content.
To discuss your scientific research requirements and evaluate an option to try the solution on AWS please provide your contact in the form below.

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