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August, 2023

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2023 Blog

Intelligent Lifecycle Automation and Orchestration for Hybrid Cloud Workloads

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Relevance Lab’s Infrastructure and cloud-managed services are scalable, reliable, and flexible, providing efficient, SLA-driven services to its clients. Our operating model is secure-proof and compliant with industry standards such as GDPR
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Our service offerings are spread across the entire lifecycle of managed services, such as:
  • Cloud or infrastructure consulting

  • Data center services

  • Network Operating Center (NOC)

  • Identity and Access Management

  • IT infrastructure operations management (Cloud, hybrid, or on-premise)

  • Transformation services

Relevance Lab leverages its partnership with leading IT service management tools such as ServiceNow and Freshworks, or public cloud service providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud to provide value-added services to clients.
Relevance Lab’s differentiators
Intelligent Monitoring through a Single Pane of Glass
RLCatalyst Command Center acts as a cockpit for Service Desk teams as it integrates with all tools that monitor various IT systems such as applications, databases, networking, middleware, infrastructure, security systems etc. It integrates with all monitoring as well as ITSM tools such as ServiceNow, making it efficient for IT Ops team to manage their day-to-day operations and ensuring business service availability. It provides a single pane of glass view across all the systems and IT assets for IT operations teams through intelligent monitoring and providing auto-remediation capabilities. 
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BOTs-driven Automation
Relevance Lab has built its own RLCatalyst BOTs engine which has a pre-built library of 200+ BOTs. These BOTs automate mundane IT tasks, helping the IT infrastructure operations team in reducing the overall operations costs by removing manual intervention. RLCatalyst BOTs engine integrates with IT service management tools such as ServiceNow or Freshservice, helping to raise the IT service desk tickets. It also integrates with self-service portals, triggering the tickets due to actions taken by users in self-service portals. 
Catalyst-led Avoid, Self-Serve and Automate (ASA) framework
Relevance Lab has built its proprietary ASA (Avoid Self-Serve and Automate) framework that provides a smart IT incident ticket analysis tool to reduce the cost per ticket. It provides a great value-add as it improves the productivity of IT operations team tremendously.
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With the adoption of the Cloud and move from a Fragmented Infrastructure, Apps & Service Delivery model, Companies are exploring a new generation of “Service Management Solutions” that are Cloud based, built with Intelligent Monitoring & driven by Automation. The drive to Digital Transformation is expanding companies to cover global regions, 24x7 critical business applications with no downtime, expanded & distributed users and assets spread across internal & external Cloud/SAAS offerings.
Relevance Lab’s ServiceOne platform is a cloud based new generation Service Management Solution built with Intelligent Monitoring and Technology processes automation. The solution comes with Integrated Asset Management, Dynamic CMDB, Real-time visibility to Security & threats and a Next-Generation Incident Management framework.
Key Partnerships
Cloud IT Cost Optimization

RLCatalyst BOTs framework

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