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Relevance Lab offers a proven Extended Engineering team model with both onshore & offshore leverage, we cover all the facets - Development, Testing, DevOps, TechOps, Infra Management and Support/Managed Services.
Relevance Lab’s Extended Development Center (EDC) offering is led by executives who pioneered this model in the industry. We establish and operate a true extension of your North American operation with sound governance and engineering pedigree. Our specialization in DevOps Automation, Cloud Engineering, App Modernization, Digital Solutions/Platforms and Data Analytics enrich the services rendered from client locations or from our offshore centers.
Salient Features
  • Accelerated launch of a center with the right talent, processes and engineering environment

  • Commercial model that does not hinder talent intake

  • True extension with a dedicated workforce

  • Core + Flex pool of employees to ensure continuity of key team members and scale up or down as per business demands

  • Injection of specialists in DevOps automation, Analytics, Microservices or Infra management to help with Digital transformation efforts

  • Experience in incubating offshore engineering centers for number of startups

  • Transfer option to transition teams if needed in future

Success Stories

Offshore strategy shifts for a large Financial Advisory Firm – 50% faster ramp up of high-end skills, increased productivity by 30% and execution of new missions – cloud, big data analytics and mobile.

Incubation for Startup in Hospital operational analytics space – Offshore center launched with senior talent in less than a month. Engineering environment build-out with DevOps automation.

e-Learning Company – Helped them achieve 50-80% efficiency gains in building and deploying various applications on the cloud; resulting in 20-25% cost savings.

We have assisted Large Pharma to achieve 50% faster deployment

Leading online Insurance firm – Helped them reduce 92% of execution time and reduce hardware usage by 95%.


This also assist enterprises to adopt DevOps tools such as Chef, Terraform, and Docker

Agile Analytics

This solves various supply chain problems for global enterprises with speed, responsiveness, and flexibility.

Intelligent Automation

RLCatalyst – An AIOps platform driven by Intelligent Automation paves way for a faster and seamless Digital Transformation Journey.


It structures an application as a collection of services that are highly maintainable and testable and independently deployable. Organized around business capabilities.

The Infrastructure Management

Goal is to achieve overall effectiveness of its processes, policies, data, human resources, equipment and more.


Provides a strong capability in web content management with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as the platform of choice for building websites, mobile apps, and forms.

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