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Build Your AI Driven Data Platform Right, 
with Relevance Lab’s SPECTRA
When your data’s spread across multiple applications and geographies, adopting the right data integration platform to corral and make sense of that data is critical to reducing friction in your organization. Data silos and inefficient data integration can lead to revenue leakage, lost revenue opportunities, and unhappy shareholders.
Achieving Data Excellence with SPECTRA by Relevance Lab
Relevance Lab is the data engineering and analytics expert partner of choice for enterprise data needs across multiple industry verticals. 

Our SPECTRA platform is designed and built to intelligently move data across multiple systems to ensure smooth functionality, speed, and business value for any business initiative. When data is correctly and efficiently integrated into your environment, the benefits to your company are multi-fold:
  • Increase Data Confidence: Ensures the business operates efficiently, remains competitive, understands its customers, mitigates risks, complies with regulations, maintains financial integrity, and continues to innovate and grow.
  • Improved Decision-Making: When all departments can access and analyze consolidated data, decisions are better informed and more accurate.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The automation of data transfer between systems, or reconciling discrepancies saves time and reduces errors.
  • Faster Response to Changes: Integrated data allows companies to adapt more quickly, enabling them to respond promptly to market changes, customer needs, or internal shifts.
  • Customer Experience: Employees can access complete and up-to-date customer data, leading to more personalized interactions.
  • Cost Savings: Eliminating redundant systems and manual data entry saves money in the long run, reducing operational costs and preventing potential losses due to errors.
Legacy Tools to a New Age: A Better Path to a Frictionless Business
Enterprise owners and IT leaders want to be focused on accelerating business growth and contributing to revenue generation, not managing the modernization of backend technology. 
Competing in today’s hyper-competitive business landscape takes more than just shifting from your legacy tools and standards to a more modern, agile digital platform. Upgrading to new tools are now just table stakes for businesses. 
To maximize success, organizations should work with a tech-partner who can deliver expert data engineering solutions as well as the data analytics businesses need to thrive and deliver world-class customer experiences. 

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SPECTRA: The AI-Driven Data Platform Built for Modern Business.  
Every organization has invested in a combination of tools, technologies, and solutions to create their data platforms. However, most of these platforms are built with legacy technologies or fragmented components. When companies try to leverage the new technologies of Big Data, Cloud Architectures and Artificial Intelligence to achieve more meaningful analytics a pre-built Platform like Relevance Lab’s SPECTRA can save tremendous efforts, costs, and time to provide a scalable and flexible alternative. 

Fast-Track Your Data Integration Journey

Today’s enterprises face complex supply chains due to the global nature of their operations and high consumer expectations. Thanks to technological advancements, enterprises use different and complex IT initiatives to bring efficiency in the supply chains. But due to the disparate nature of these IT systems, data gets fragmented across multiple systems, and it becomes difficult for enterprises to get real-time business insights and business improvement opportunities. SPECTRA, the AI driven Analytics platform from Relevance Lab, based on Open Source technology, can fast track your journey from data to actionable insights. It can also process data from structured data from different ERP Systems based on pre-existing adapters and unstructured data from PDFs, Emails, engineering drawings and commercial labels. Relevance Lab’s Agile Analytics solves various supply chain problems for global enterprises with speed, responsiveness, and flexibility.

Data Agnostic. Value-Driven

With built-in visualization layer and data integrators, SPECTRA enables faster value realization and demonstration in line with the Agile philosophy. Our customers spanning Consumer Products, Publishing, Finance, Pharma and Medical Devices industries have tapped into multiple features of SPECTRA to derive tremendous value across their Commercial Planning, Data Storage, Sourcing, R&D and Clinical Operations functions.

Supply Chain Focused
No matter your supply chain type, SPECTRA helps you manage and plan your inventory levels, orders, shipments, forecast and balance demand and supply. It also helps you evaluate and fine-tune your supply chain performance using predefined KPIs and enables the faster realization of your strategic business objectives such as: 
  • Minimizing your stock-outs risks without compromising on your bottom line
  • Bringing in more predictability in shipments
  • Reduce your purchase price variance across suppliers
  • Identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities for your product range
  • Managing your master data to remove duplicate vendors and suppliers 
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Partnerships to Build Impactful Solutions
Industry Use Cases
Project Description
Relevance Lab developed a comprehensive analytics solution for the sourcing team to keep track of the purchase price variance across different plants and also helped predict the impact of cost fluctuations on the final prices of finished goods. The solution combines data from multiple sources to build an analytics solution. Demand Predictions across 200+ warehouses
Business Benefits
"Unified dashboard validate the price variance and variations in payment terms across geographies Consolidated report to track the impact of delayed payments Predict the effects of raw material cost variance on the prices of the finished goods"
"Relevance Lab developed a Planning solution utilizing the projected demand and supply to predict the risk of stock-outs across 200 locations in Europe. Comprehensive tracking of KPIs eliminated the risk of stock-outs."
Project Description
Consolidation of documents and artefacts spread across different sourcing applications. EDG to Data Lake migration. Scanned medical device labels which need information extraction using machine learning and OCR tools.
Business Benefits
Enabling the search functionality for a variety of sourcing applications and apply ACL. Reduced the Total cost of ownership. Enabled unstructured search which is not possible via traditional tools.
Project Description
Supply Chain Analytics to track Inflation
Business Benefits
Executive dashboard to determine the impact of raw material sourced from foreign locations to calculate the tax impact accurately.
Project Description
Consumer Retention Analytics
Business Benefits
Better visibility on retention of student/school performance on e-learning digital platform
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