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Ashish Trehan
 Head of APAC Sales
Ashish Trehan is Head of APAC Sales. With a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years, he has established a strong reputation in the industry. Ashish is highly regarded for his ability to guide clients and partners in making optimal choices that align with their specific needs, considering the vast array of products, solutions, and services available today.  
With exceptional leadership and management skills, Ashish inspires and motivates his team to achieve outstanding results. His strategic thinking drives the development of innovative sales strategies, consistently leading to significant business growth. Through his effective execution of these strategies, Ashish has played a pivotal role in propelling businesses to new levels of success. 
Before his current role at CIGNEX/Relevance Lab, Ashish was the Business Development Head at Ness Technologies (NASDAQ Listed). In this position, he spearheaded new business development initiatives in domestic and international markets, showcasing his ability to drive expansion and capture new opportunities. Additionally, Ashish was crucial in overseeing the US market while promoting and selling Oracle Database products at Oracle India. 
Ashish attributes his success to his unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and relentless focus on prioritizing their needs. He holds an MBA from Mumbai Educational Trust, MET League of Colleges specialized in Marketing. 
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