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Automate & Simplify the Data Extraction 
Process with Relevance Lab
Discover how Relevance Lab can help you reduce the CMS-1500 claim form processing time by 90% through automation.
Like any other sector, data is an important component of the healthcare sector. Traditional data entry and processing methods are often inconsistent, incorrect, and incomplete. Using low-accuracy manual ways to handle your data is not only expensive & time-consuming but can also have serious consequences – especially with claim forms such as CMS 1500.
Automating CMS 1500 claim processing allows healthcare organizations to process large non-standardized data with accuracy in a short time.
Relevance Lab’s AI-driven platform, SPECTRA, helps in automated extraction & processing of data using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)-based Optical Character Recognition (OCR) techniques. It combines the speed and scalability of automation with the natural intelligence and judgment of a human reviewer to provide benefits such as:
  • Reduction of CMS-1500 claim processing time by over 90% with near 100% accuracy

  • Intelligent dashboard to track the workflow progress

Learn how Relevance Lab helped a renowned healthcare major simplify their CMS 1500 form processing, - helping them reduce errors, cost, and dependency on extensive teams.
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