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2023 Blog

Automation Service Bus (ASB) – A New Approach for Intelligent and Touchless Automation

May, 2023

With growing interest & investments in new concepts like Automation and Artificial Intelligence, the common dilemma for enterprises is how to scal...

2023 Blog

Health Informatics and Genomics on AWS with  Research Gateway

May, 2023

Major advances are happening with the leverage of Cloud Technologies and large Open Data sets in the areas of Healthcare informatics that include sub-...

2023 Blog

Relevance Lab Playbooks for Frictionless IT and Business Operations

March, 2023

Relevance Lab’s (RL) focus on addressing the digital transformation jigsaw puzzle has a strategic investment in leveraging Products & Platforms to...

Why Choose Us?
The path to digital transformation is fraught with friction. Points of friction that threaten to not just derail customer experiences and quality, but undermine overall competitive market positioning and dilute the core of business itself. At Relevance Lab, our customer-driven innovations combine services with cutting-edge platforms to eliminate these points of friction.
If you are scaling business at speed, effecting a decision based on petabytes of unstructured data, seamlessly connecting your enterprise ecosystem or simply doing all this efficiently, learn more about our solutions and stories from customer success. 

Business Scale

Business scaling today requires cloud adoption, a concept that needs no introduction. However, adopting cloud the right way will be the deciding factor for its success – from consulting to implementation, expert assistance will help to realize ROI.

Business Insights

Every business decision must be data-driven, but the challenge lies in extracting insights from fragmented data. The solution to this is Agile Analytics, which discovers the unknowns from structured or unstructured data.

Creating One-Enterprise

Today’s hybrid infrastructures demand parity among various systems and business processes. Automated business workflows, microservices, and integrated applications help to overcome this challenge and create a one-enterprise organization.

Driving Operational Efficiency

Lean, structured, scalable, and outcome-focused IT ops define efficiency – a feat that needs a scalable infrastructure, streamlined service and incident management, and centralized monitoring of systems and automation to free up bandwidth.

Keep It Your Way

We develop digital brand strategies, products and services that matter to your target group by and 
engagement, sales and loyalty.

Automated, Intelligent Operations for Frictionless Digital Business

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CI-CD Cockpit

Automated, Intelligent Operations for Frictionless Digital Business

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Catalyst BOTs

Intelligent Automation with pre-built library of reusable BOTs

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Cloud Marketplace

Intelligent Automation with pre-built library of reusable BOTs

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The Next-Gen Cloud based Service Delivery Model.

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Command Center

We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences.

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RLCatalyst - Single Console for Intelligent Automation Best Practices
An Open Architecture based platform for Cloud, DevOps and Automation integrated with AWS, Azure and ServiceNow
SPECTRA – Leveraging data for solving
complex supply chain management challenges
Big Data Analytics platform based on open source technologies to process structured and unstructured data

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$60 MN
Cost optimized by automation
Customer experiences transformed
Friction points removed
Average improvement in productivity
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