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Our Agile Analytics Services
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Data Engineering Services
Our agile analytics solutions harmonize data from various sources of the entire supply chain, ERP systems and transaction systems of global organizations. Post collecting and harmonizing, the data is cleansed of all unnecessary noise, creating different data models so that data can be enriched further for downstream analysis. 
We also provide a structured framework of data to provide logical information which in turn helps decision makers to take actionable insights. Our technology approach is to ensure automation and monitoring of data, performing trend analysis, data warehousing and giving snapshot comparisons across historical data. This snapshot comparison helps in developing a complete and comprehensive data pipeline. Our analytics’ specialists work with IT and business leaders to build robust capabilities that can handle the volume, velocity, veracity, and variety of data for easy consumption.
Data Science Services

Businesses need insights that are meaningful, intelligent and actionable. Our data science experts provide cutting-edge data analytics techniques including machine learning, neural networks and cognitive computing, with solutions such as predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics that help decision making in real-time.
Data Visualization Services

Decoding data can be difficult, time consuming and tedious. Its final representation is critical to how it is understood and consumed, especially across teams and departments whose inputs are critical to the decision process.
Relevance Lab’s Agile Analytics data visualization services translate raw data into interactive and customizable storyboards and dashboards for intuitive consumption across different personas across different personas and departments; such as sales, marketing, procurement, planning or operations, making for easier consumption.
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