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Secure Research Environments provide researchers with timely and secure access to sensitive research data, computation systems, and common analytics tools for speeding up Scientific Research in the cloud. Researchers are given access to approved data, enabling them to collaborate, analyze data, share results within proper controls and audit trails. Research Gateway provides this secure data platform with the analytical and orchestration tools to support researchers in conducting their work. Their results can then be exported safely, with proper workflows for submission reviews and approvals.

The Secure Research Environments build on the original concept of Trusted Research Environment defined by UK NHS and uses the five safes framework for safe use of secure data. The five elements of the framework are:

  • Safe people
  • Safe projects
  • Safe settings
  • Safe data
  • Safe outputs

There are the following key building blocks for the solution:

  • Data Ingress/Egress
  • Researcher Workflows & Collaborations with costs controls
  • On-going Researcher Tools Updates
  • Software Patching & Security Upgrades
  • Healthcare (or other sensitive) Data Compliances
  • Security Monitoring, Audit Trail, Budget Controls, User Access & Management

The figure below shows implementation of Secure Research Environments solution with Research Gateway.

The basic concept is to design a secure data enclave in which there is no ability to transfer data into or out of without going through pre-defined workflows. Within the enclave itself any amount or type of storage/compute/tools can be provisioned to fit the researcher’s needs. There is capability to use common research data and also bring in specific data by researchers.

The core functionality for Secure Research Environments deal with solutions for the following:
Data Management and Preparation
This deals with “data ingress management” from both public and private sources for research. There are functionalities dealing with data ingestion, extraction, processing, cleansing, and data catalogs.

Study Preparation
Depending on the type of study and participants from different institutions, secure data enclave allows for study specific data preparation, allocation, access management and assignment to specific projects.

Secure Research Environment
A controlled cloud environment is provided for researchers to access the study data in a secure manner with no direct ingress-egress capability and conduct research using common tools like JupyterLab, RStudio, VSCode etc. for both interactive and batch processing. The shared study data is pre-mounted on research workspaces making it easy for researchers to focus on analysis without getting into complexity of infrastructure, tools and costs.

Secure Egress Approvals for Results Sharing
Post research if researchers want to extract results from the secure research environment, a specialized workflow is provided for request, review, approvals, and download of data with compliance and audit trails.

The Secure Research Environments Architecture provides for Secure Ingress and Egress controls as explained in the figure below.

Building Block Detailed Steps
Data Management
  • Project Administrator creates the Data Library and research projects.
  • Project Administrator selects the Data Library project.
    • Sets up Study Bucket.
    • Creates the sub-folders to hold data.
    • Sets up an Ingress bucket for each researcher to bring in his own data.
    • Shares this with the researcher.
  • Project Administrator selects the Study screen.
    • Creates an internal study for each dataset and assign to the corresponding Secure Research project.
    • Creates internal study for each ingress bucket.
  • Project Administrator assigns the researchers to the corresponding secure projects.
Secure Research Environments
  • Researcher logs in.
  • Research uploads own data to ingress bucket.
  • Researcher creates a workspace (secure research desktop).
  • Researcher connects to workspace.
  • Researcher runs code and generates output.
  • Researcher copies output to egress store.
  • Researcher submits and egress request from the portal.
Egress Application
  • Information Governance lead logs in to Egress portal.
  • IG Lead approves request.
  • Project administrator logs in to portal.
  • Project administrator approves the request.
  • IG Lead logs in and downloads the file.

The need for Secure Research Enclave is a growing one across different countries. There is an emerging need for a consortium model, where multiple Data Producers and Consumers need to interact in a Secure Research Marketplace Model. The marketplace model is implemented on AWS Cloud and provides for tracking of costs and billing for all participants. The solution can be hosted by a third-party and provide Software as a Service (SaaS) model driving the key workflows for Data Producers and Data Consumers as explained in figure below.

Secure Research Environments are key features for enabling large institutions and governmental agencies to speed up research across different stakeholders leveraging the cloud. Relevance Lab provides a pre-built solution that can speed up the implementation of this large scale and complex deployment in a fast, secure, and cost-effective manner.

Here is a video demonstrating the solution.

To know more about this solution, feel free to write to

UK Health Data Research Alliance – Aligning approach to Trusted Research Environments
Trusted (and Productive) Research Environments for Safe Research
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Relevance Lab (RL) has been an AWS (Amazon Web Services) partner for more than a decade now. While the journey started as a Services Partner it has now extended and matured to a niche technology partner with multiple solutions being offered on AWS Marketplace.

Here is a Quick Snapshot of AWS Capabilities:

  • RL is involved in Plan-Build-Run lifecycle of Cloud adoption by enterprises over a multi-year transformation journey.
  • The approach to Cloud Adoption is built on some key best practices covering Automation-First Approach, DevOps, Governance360, and Application-Centric Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) focus.
  • In Cloud Managed Services we cover all aspects of DevOps, AIOps, SecOps and ServiceDesk Ops leveraging our Automation Platforms – RLCatalyst BOTs, Command Centre, ServiceOne.
  • Involved with 50+ Cloud engagements covering large scale (5000+ nodes, 15+ regions, 200+ apps, 5.0+M annual spends) setups and optimization.
  • Deep partnership with AWS and ServiceNow to bring end-to-end Governance360 covering Asset Management, CMDB, Vulnerability & Patch Management, SIEM/SOAR, Cost/Security/Compliance Dashboards.
  • Products created and deployed on AWS for Self-Service Cloud Portals and Purpose-built cloud solutions covering HPC (High Performance Computing), Containers, Service Catalog, Cost & Budget tracking, and Scientific Research workflows.
  • Our work and resources cover Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Apps, Cloud Data and Cloud Service Delivery with 800+ cloud trained resources, 450+ Cloud specialists and 100+ certifications.
  • RL is global number one preferred partner for AWS as an ISV provider for Scientific Research Computing building solutions using AWS Open-Source solutions like Service Workbench.

Our unique positioning of Products + Services helps create platform-based offerings delivered as playbooks for digital transformation.

Our key focus areas in Cloud Offerings are the following:

  • Cloud Management & Governance
  • Full Lifecycle Automation and Self-Service Portals
  • Containers, Microservices, Well Architected Frameworks and Kubernetes
  • AIOps and Site Reliability Engineering

What Makes Us Different?

  • Automation-First approach across “Plan, Build & Run” Lifecycle helps customers use “Cloud the Right Way” focused on best practices like “Infrastructure as a Code” and “Compliance as a Code.”
  • RLCatalyst Products offer Enterprise Cloud Orchestration and Governance with a pre-built library of quick-starts, BOTs, Self-Service Cloud Portals, and Open-source solutions.
  • AWS + ServiceNow unique specialization leveraged to provide Intelligent Cloud Operations & managed services.
  • ServiceOne AIOps Platform covering workload migration, security, governance, CMDB, ITSM and DevOps.
  • Frictionless Digital Application modernization and Cloud Product Engineering services for native cloud architecture and competencies.
  • Open-Source Co-Development with AWS for Scientific Research Solutions (Higher Ed and Healthcare).
  • Agile Analytics with our Spectra Data platform that helps building Enterprise Data Lakes and Supply Chain analytics by with multiple ERP systems connectors.

Our Solutions Sweet Spot
Built on AWS Control Services a prescriptive and automated maturity model for proper workload migration, governance, security, monitoring and Service Management.

RLCatalyst BOTS Automation Engine and ServiceOne
Product covering end-to-end automation with a library of 100+ pre-built BOTs. Intelligent user and workspaces onboarding and offboarding.

Research Gateway – Self Service Cloud Portals
Self-Service Cloud Portal for Scientific Research in Cloud with HPC, Genomic Pipelines, covering EC2, SageMaker, S3 etc.

ServiceNow AppInsights built on AWS AppRegistry
Dynamic Applications CMDB leveraging AWS and ServiceNow with focus on Application Centric costs, health, and risks.

DevOps Driven Engineering and Cloud Product Development
DevOps-driven CI/CD, Infra Automation and Proactive Monitoring. AWS Well-architected. Cloud App Modernization, APM, API Gateways, Cloud Integration with Enterprise Systems. AWS Digital Customer Experience competencies

SPECTRA Data Platform for Cloud Data Lakes
Enterprise Data Lake with large data movement from on-prem to Cloud systems and ERP integration adapters for Supply Chain Analytics.

AWS Product Focus Areas
Control Tower, Security Hub, Service Catalog, HPC, Quantum Computing, Data Lake, ITSM Connectors, Well-Architected, SaaS (Software as a Service) Factory, Service Workbench, CloudEndure, AppStream 2.0, QuickStart for HIPPA, Bioinformatics

Focus on Software, Databases, Workloads
Open-source and App development stacks, Java, Python, MS .Net, Cloudera, Databricks, MongoDB, RedShift, Hadoop, Snowflake, Magento, WordPress, Moodle, RStudio, Nextflow

Key Verticals Solutions

  • Technology companies (ISVs & startups)
  • Media/Publishing/Higher Education/ Research
  • Pharma/Healthcare/Life Sciences
  • Financial and Insurance

The following are some Customer Solutions highlights:

Digital Publishing & Learning Specialist Cloud Migration, DevOps, Digital Platform Development covering Content, Commerce, E-Learning and CRM products, User Experience Designs, Cloud Arch, Data Cloud/BI, Sustaining, Perf testing, Automation
Global Pharma & Health Sciences Leader Data Analytics/Search Solutions leveraging Cloud & Big Data technologies. Enterprise Data Lake Analyzing ERP Data (SAP and others) to extract and load and associated cleansing, aggregation, data modelling and visualizations. Self Service Portal for AWS and Hybrid Cloud provisioning
Large Financial & Asset Mgmt. Firm Drive Cloud Adoption, App Modernization and DevOps models as part of IT Transformation journey leveraging their Cloud, Automation and Data Platforms.
Specialist Automation ISV Global partnership working across joint long-term engagements with multiple enterprise customers covering Infrastructure Automation, Application Deployment Automation, Compliance-as-a-Code and Hybrid Cloud Automation.

Relevance Lab has close collaboration and partnership with AWS for both products and competencies. We have been part of successful digital transformation with 50+ customers leveraging AWS across Infrastructure, Applications, Data Lakes, and Service Delivery Automation. We enable AWS Cloud adoption “The Right Way” with our comprehensive expertise and pre-built solutions better, faster, and cheaper.

Learn more about our cloud products, services, and solutions, feel free to contact us at

Get Dynamic Insights into Your Cloud with an Application-Centric View
Automation of User Onboarding and Offboarding Workflows


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Relevance Lab’s (RL) focus on addressing the digital transformation jigsaw puzzle has a strategic investment in leveraging Products & Platforms to create a unique differentiation and competitive advantage. We are a specialist Cloud, DevOps, Automation, and Analytics Services company with an IP (Intellectual Property) led technology strategy. This helps our customers achieve frictionless business outcomes by leveraging cloud across their infrastructure, applications, and data.

We optimize IT spending with smart cloud workload migration, reducing ongoing operations costs by leveraging automation & governance, speeding up innovation in the delivery of new software products with Agile & DevOps, and getting key real-time business insights with Actionable Analytics.

The key platforms and playbooks that we have are the following:

RLCatalyst provides an “Automation-First” approach for Enterprise Cloud Orchestration across “Plan, Build & Run” lifecycle, leveraging our unique IP. A pre-built library of quick-starts, BOTs and open-source solutions helps customers use Cloud “The Right Way” focused on best practices like “Infrastructure as Code” and “Compliance as Code”. We also have unique specialization on AWS and ServiceNow platforms leveraged to provide Intelligent Cloud Operations & managed services with our ServiceOne platform covering workload migration, security, governance, CMDB, ITSM, and DevOps.

SPECTRA provides a Digital and Agile Analytics platform that helps build enterprise data lakes and Supply Chain analytics with multiple ERP systems connectors (SAP, Oracle, Dynamics, JDE, etc.). It also provides a smart-document search engine for Google-like features on enterprise digital documents (images, PDF, engg drawings, etc.). We leverage the Digital platforms for Frictionless Application modernization and Cloud Product Engineering services extending across platforms covering content, commerce, CRM, and supply chain (Adobe, Shopify, SFDC, Oracle Fusion, Azure PowerApps, Services & ADF) integrated with actionable insights from SPECTRA.

The figure above explains our company’s focus in driving frictionless IT and business operations leveraging these key platforms. The focus on a “coded business model” that the platforms deliver help us engage across the full lifecycle with customers covering the following stages:

  • Assess the key customer needs as each customer has a unique model we evaluate based on 3C’s (Culture, Content, & Constraints)
  • Standardize the internal systems, processes, engineering practices, and governance
  • Automate everything repetitive impacting speed, costs, quality, and compliance
  • Accelerate the achievement of business objectives with faster software delivery, better operational excellence, and real-time Agile Analytics

RLCatalyst Platform and ServiceOne Solution
RLCatalyst is an intelligent automation platform built with DevOps, Cloud, and Automation features covering infrastructure, applications, data, and workflows. RLCatalyst common services foundation is built using an open architecture in line with the industry standards and can be customized. On top of the foundation services, a set of specialized products, solutions, and services are created to cover the specialized needs of customers. Following are a few key foundation themes for RLCatalyst:

  • Built on Open-source products to provide flexibility and scalability for hybrid cloud deployments
  • Uses “Infrastructure as Code” best practices and DevOps standards covering CI/CD, end-to-end monitoring, and orchestration
  • The platform is built to have a UI Portal front-end, Node.JS API-based backend, integration layer for executing BOTs, and database layer based on NoSQL
  • The core concept uses a “self-aware” paradigm to embed dynamic configurations, end-to-end monitoring, and dynamic CMDB to enable smart operations using other ITSM and Cloud platforms
  • The Cloud Portal drives self-service models of DevOps and can be customized to add domain-specific business rules for customers or industry type
  • There is “Compliance as Code” embedded into the design to make sure customers can be aligned with well-architected principles
  • The platform is built on top of AWS and ServiceNow ecosystem but can also be deployed on-prem or other cloud platforms
  • The solutions are pre-integrated with other popular DevOps and Cloud tools like Docker, Chef, Anisible, Terraform, Jenkins, ELK, Sensu, Consul, etc
  • The platform comes with a pre-built library of BOTs and Quickstart templates

The combination of RLCatalyst and ServiceOne integrated solution provides an intelligent automation architecture, as explained in the figure below. The key building blocks are:

  • Discover the underlying assets, health, costs, vulnerability, security, and compliance.
  • Automate using a framework of BOTs built with self-aware intelligence covering tasks, workflows, decisioning, and AI/ML algorithms.
  • Resolve at speed all service management tickets and requests with complex workflows & integration across multiple systems

SPECTRA Platform and Business Process Automation
SPECTRA, the AI-driven Analytics platform from Relevance Lab, based on open-source technology, can fast track your journey from data to actionable insights. It can process data from structured data from different ERP Systems based on pre-existing adapters and unstructured data from PDFs, Emails, engineering drawings, and commercial labels. Every organization has invested in a combination of tools, technologies and solutions to create their Data platforms. However, most of these platforms are built with legacy technologies or fragmented components. When companies try to leverage the new technologies of Big Data, Cloud Architectures and Artificial Intelligence to achieve more meaningful Analytics a pre-built Platform like SPECTRA can save tremendous efforts, costs and time to provide a scalable and flexible alternative.

Similar to the RLCatalyst IT Optimization we leverage SPECTRA Platform for Business Optimization with Agile Analytics, as explained in figure below.

We have also leveraged SPECTRA Platform and UiPath Integration to Achieve business process hyper automation, as explained briefly below.

Customer Impact with RL Playbooks for IT and Business Transformation
Relevance Lab leverages our strengths in platforms for all our customer engagements to bring out special value on services delivery in areas of:

  • Cloud Infrastructure Automation
  • Data Analytics Platforms
  • Digital Applications and Product Engineering
  • Intelligent Operations and DevOps

The figure below highlights the value created for some of our key customers.

We have adopted the following maturity model as a specialist technology company with significant investments on competency and IP creation that guides the investments in RLCatalyst and SPECTRA platforms.

Level-1 Deep Technology Expertise Continuous learning and skills upgrade on latest/emerging Technologies focus across Cloud, Automation, Analytics, DevOps, Digital
Level-2 Focus on Certifications – Basic & Advanced Promoting “Industry Certifications” to benchmark the competencies against the global standards and make this part of every developer’s career enhancement goal
Level-3 Solutions and Best Practices (Process & Tools) Focus on customer solutions and recurring use cases to build a knowledge base of best practices across software engineering, operations excellence, business domains
Level-4 Platform Focus “Codified Knowledge” in the form of Platforms for Data Analytics, DevOps, Cloud & Automation with source code in re-usable formats. Well-Architected Frameworks and leveraging open-source platforms with custom component enhancements & integrations to save effort, time, and improved quality with each new engagement
Level-5 Product Offerings Prescriptive and pre-created products that customers can use in a “touchless” manner as SaaS or Marketplace offerings like a typical ISV solution with little or no dependency on associated professional services. Major benefit in enabling frictionless jumpstart on specific business problems.

Relevance Lab has made significant investments in creating IT and Business Transformation platforms that provide us a key competitive advantage in unlocking value for our customers across DevOps, Analytics, Cloud, Automation and Digital Engineering. By following a service maturity model that goes beyond just headcount and competencies we have been able to bring the value of platform and products to solve the digital transformation puzzle for our 50+ customers.

To know more about how can our products and platforms help feel free to contact us