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Looking for an internship with Relevance Lab?

You need the experience to get experience. Most job seekers out of university can relate to this when they’re looking to land a specific full-time role. One way by which this is possible is working for a particular period of time that serves as a springboard to help them develop expertise as well as come to grips with how individuals conduct themselves in the corporate environment.

An internship, as they call it is the perfect response to the “you need experience to get experience” conundrum that job seekers face. It also helps employers source a steady stream of talent that could help spur innovation within the organization itself.

In other words, offering benefits to both parties. This includes those who are seeking employment as well as corporations or small businesses that are looking for skilled, sincere employees.

What You Need to Know About An Internship

So, what is an internship? Why does it matter, in today’s job market?

An internship, simply put, is a period when you work with an employer, in a paid or unpaid role, in order to gain valuable work experience in the role of your choosing. This helps you gain experience that will help you transition into your desired role.

While it is common knowledge that getting a relevant and skill-based degree can increase your chances of being gainfully employed, completing an internship can substantially raise your chances of finding employment sooner than most.

In fact, statistics reveal that undergraduate students who complete at least one internship during their time at university tend to fare better when it comes to finding full-time work in the near future compared to those who do not.

Speaking of the future, an internship provides students with a taste of what is to come before they finally get their first job at a corporation. Not only will you learn how to perform the tasks necessary at your assigned role but you will also get the first-hand experience of working in such an environment.

Internships Offered at Relevance Lab

This is precisely what we offer at Relevance Lab too, where we source talent from a variety of universities around the country. Not only do interns benefit from obtaining relevant experience and expertise but our senior employees are able to hone their leadership skills through training programs.

Interns get an overview of the corporate work culture, business workflow and how their learning gained from time spent at university is implemented in the real world. Some of our interns have been recruited from reputed engineering colleges like AMC Engineering, MIT Manipal, Amity, NIT Surathkal and IIT Kharagpur.

Some of the projects that our interns have been involved with include:

  • Bill of Material explosion at Scale using Spark/Scala
  • Business Intelligence reporting by downloading Google Analytics
  • Google API at scale
  • Inventory Health Dashboard for supply chain analytics

That said, there are a slew of benefits that are on offer to both an employer and a potential employee if the latter is shown to prove his or her skills during the internship period. Even if some interns will have to look for work elsewhere, there are still several benefits to both parties and which we will address next.

Our Internship Program – Benefits

So, what are some of these benefits?

Apart from organizations utilizing a steady source of fresh talent and freshers being able to get important work experience? Yes, there are several more and which is why interested individuals must seriously consider applying for an internship with us.

In particular, some of the benefits of applying for an internship with Relevance Labs include:

  • Edge in the job market
  • Gaining valuable work experience
  • Developing and refining skills
  • Networking with professionals in the field
  • Effortless transition into a full-time position

As for how our internship program benefits Relevance Labs itself, these include:

  • Locating a steady stream of new potential employees
  • Increased visibility on college campuses
  • Test-driving the talent
  • Obtaining a fresh perspective on old problems
  • Fostering leadership skills in current employees
  • Enhanced Social Media reach & Brand awareness

Of course, if you want to get started towards a successful career in the specialized IT services that we offer, you have to have experience to get experience, right?

About Author

Sampriti Banerjee is Marketing Executive at Relevance Lab.