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Relevance Lab partners with ServiceNow DevOps and joins the Early Adopter Program

Relevance Lab has a Systems Integration, Technology and Reselling partnership with ServiceNow. We are also one of the select few implementation partners for their newly launched DevOps product and its Early Adopter Program.

Under the Early Adopter Program, Relevance Lab has controlled early access to training, enablement content on new ServiceNow products. Partners accepted into this Program are trained to sell and implement the new product(s) prior to worldwide general availability.

ServiceNow DevOps is built on a powerful and intelligent data model using out-of-the-box integrations to the tools that developers already use today like Jira, GitHub, Jenkins and Azure DevOps. It can collect and connect information from across the DevOps toolchain to solve some of the hardest scaling problems. ServiceNow DevOps enables you to accelerate changes while ensuring effective and transparent risk management. This can make change management transparent to developers which helps to make development teams more productive while increasing employee and customer satisfaction.

Key Features:

  • Pipeline Modeling: Model your DevOps pipelines in ServiceNow for simpler management of the process and end-to-end visibility.
  • Integrations: Out-of-the-box integrations to your existing DevOps toolchain to collect lifecycle events and data, saving time and integration maintenance expense.
  • DevOps Insights: Surface shared insights through reporting and analytics that provide operational and business insights to improve collaboration and communication.
  • Change Acceleration: Automatically create Change Requests for stages under change control. There is a DevOps Change Workflow and DevOps Change Approval policy to enable automating DevOps change approvals.

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Relevance Lab continues to expand its DevOps specialization by adding ServiceNow DevOps to its portfolio of automation technology expertise, with this addition we will be able to further enhance the software delivery infrastructure for our customers leading to faster and better release rollouts. We are also investing in developing additional integrations to the ServiceNow DevOps platform with tools like Harness and Chef.

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