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Relevance Lab Automation-led Migration Experience of AWS Control Services

With the growing need for cloud adoption from various enterprises, there is a need to move end-user computing workload and traditional data center capacity to the cloud. Relevance Lab is working with AWS partner groups to simplify the cloud adoption process and bring in best practices for the entire lifecycle of Plan-Build-Run on the cloud. Following is the suggested blueprint for cloud adoption and moving new workload on to the cloud.

  • CloudEndure to enable automated Cloud Migration
  • AWS Control Tower is used to set up and govern a new, secure multi-account AWS environment
  • AWS Security, Identity and Compliance
  • AWS Service Management Connector for ServiceNow with Service Catalog management
  • AWS Systems Manager for Operational Insights
  • RLCatalyst Intelligent Automation

As part of our own organization’s experience to adopt AWS for both our workspace and server needs, we have followed the following process to cater to needs, of multiple organization roles.

Since we already had an AWS Master account but did not use AWS Control tower initially, the steps followed were as follows.

  • Setup & launch AWS Control Tower in our Master Account and build multiple Custom OUs (Organizational Units) & corresponding accounts using account factory
  • Use CloudEndure to migrate existing workloads to the new organizations under Control Tower
  • For two different organizational units, there is a need to publish separate service catalogs and access to the catalogs controlled by User Roles defined in AD integrated with ServiceNow. Based on the setup only approved users can order items relevant to their needs
  • Used AWS Service Management Connector to publish the catalogs and integrate with AWS resources
  • Implementation of RLCatalyst BOTs Automation for 1-Click provisioning
  • Different guardrails for workload being provisioned for AWS Workspaces and AWS Server Assets based on organization needs
  • Management of AWS server assets by AWS Systems Manager
  • Mature ITSM processes based on ServiceNow
  • Proactive monitoring of workspaces and servers for any incidents using RLCatalyst Command Centre

Based on our internal experience in adopting full-lifecycle of Plan-Build-Run use cases, it is evident that multiple solutions from AWS integrated with ServiceNow and automated with RLCatalyst product provides a reusable blueprint for intelligent and automated cloud adoption. Answering the following quick questions can get your Cloud adoption jumpstarted.

  • List down your desktop assets and server assets to be migrated to the cloud with an underlying OS, third party software and applications
  • Designing your AWS Landing zone with security considerations between public- facing and private facing assets
  • Designing your networking elements between your organization’s business unit segmentation of assets and different environments needed for development, testing and production
  • List down your cloud cost segmentation and governance needs based on which a multi-organization setup can be designed upfront, and granular asset tags may be implemented
  • Capacity planning and use of Reserved Instances for Cost optimization
  • User Management and Identity management needs with possible integration to existing Microsoft AD infrastructure (On-Cloud or On-Prem) and Single Sign-On
  • Capture the needs from the IT department to provide the organization with Self-Service Portals to be able to Order Assets and Services in a frictionless manner with automated fulfilment using BOTs
  • The use of Systems Manager, Runbook design & automation and Command Center are used to proactively monitor any critical assets and applications to manage incidents efficiently
  • Ability to provision and deprovision assets on-demand with automated templates
  • Automation of User Onboarding and Off-boarding
  • ITSM Service management with Change, Configuration management database, Asset Tracking and SecOps
  • Disaster Recovery strategy and internal assessments for readiness
  • Cloud Security, Vulnerability testing, Ongoing patch management lifecycle and GRC
  • DevOps adoption for higher velocity of achieving Continuous Integration and Continuous Deliveries

Most organizations moving to cloud is a competency discovery process which lacks best practices and a maturity model. A better approach is to use a solid framework of technology, people and processes to make your cloud adoption frictionless. Relevance Lab with its pre-built solution in partnership with AWS and ServiceNow can help enterprises adopt cloud faster.

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