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Adopting DevOps

Adopting DevOps relies on the iterative approach of Agile development, as opposed to a waterfall method that has rarer, and extensive, hand-offs to operations. Handover should be collaborative and more iterative in order to quickly respond to customers. The smooth transition between Dev and Ops is only possible when Dev extents its zone of influence in to operation and vice versa for operation in to Dev zone. An environment lacking collaboration has few or no formal process (as illustrated in figure 1 below). Collaboration between development and operation must exist for this to work (as shown in figure  below).



In most organizations, the development and operations hand offs defined in some way, but support for an ongoing, agile two-way relationship is not defined. This is why it’s important to follow ITIL best practices for handing over work to operations. Failure to follow these processes can result in incidents and problems with deployment because of product changes.

The concept of early life support, as defined by ITIL, helps bridge the capability gap between the supporting relationships of development and operations to achieve consumer value realization. Agile methods define an ongoing collaborative relationship at the earliest stage of the hand over for a quick fix or turnaround of a consumer service for value or, in ITIL terms, for over all service utility. DevOps with ITIL best practices supports Agile development and consumer value.