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Containers, Micro-services & DevOps

Containers are fast emerging as defacto way for building applications inside many organizations.Recently, it has started gaining more momentum and steam as organizations are realizing that reimagining their IT with Microservices architecture helps them not to just take advantage of modern technologies available today, but also to future-proof them in the era of devops and production aware development.

Offering increased agility and flexibility, microservices and containers can be an ideal complement to an enterprise’s DevOps environment.

DevOps is based on professional principles that include culture, measurement, automation and sharing.

Microservices are a scalable alternative to monolithic apps and streamline application development and distribution. This modern approach to software systems and application development represents a departure from the traditional way of designing apps. 

“Microservices is an architectural approach that draws on long evolving experience in software engineering and system design, including the SOA efforts of the last two decades. Microservices architecture is enabled by a spectrum of tool categories but is primarily an architectural approach to system design that also requires considerable organizational and cultural adjustment to execute successfully.”

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