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2016 News

Relevance Lab signs up as ServiceNow Technology Partner for a new “Service Delivery Automation Platform” leveraging RL Catalyst + ServiceNow.

“Relevance Lab has partnered with ServiceNow to develop an Automation platform for traditional ITSM/ITIL Managed Services Programs. The evolution of “Software-Defined Business” is driving momentum for Automation, Cloud Adoption and DevOps. Automation targets traditional workloads in Infrastructure, Applications and Service Delivery (ITSM/ITIL). Focus is shifting more to Service Delivery Automation as current enterprises have a large volume of Support Tickets and complex setups supported by large number of people with issues on diagnosis, response time, quality and growing complexity. There is need to leverage Orchestration, Cloud Management System and Intelligent Monitoring to bring significant efficiencies and cost optimization in traditional Operations. RL Catalyst is being closely integrated with ServiceNow based Incident/Problem Management, Service Catalogs, CMDB Sync, Auto-Ticket Logging + Remediation and Hybrid Cloud Management. Working with large enterprises Relevance Lab is enabling 30% cost savings leveraging Automation and Cloud Solutions in traditional Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) and Application Management Services (AMS) deals. The RL Catalyst led Service Delivery Automation Platform will soon be made available on ServiceNow Store.”