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Cloud, Automation, DevOps and Software BOTS – looking for the right answers?

In a fast-changing technology and business landscape large enterprises and new business startups are exploring the right solutions for a Cloud led Digital Transformation. We at Relevance Lab (RL) have been on a similar exploratory journey in this dynamic market over last 6 years. With 20+ large enterprise customers, global strategic partners and battle-scars of large scale implementations we are happy to share our experiences.

  • RL is a new generation company focused on enabling adoption of Cloud, DevOps and Automation in the “Right-way” guided by our unique IP, RLCatalyst product
  • Adoption of Cloud is growing rapidly in both enterprises and startups – however to get key benefits from Cloud there is need to think beyond “Moving to Cloud”. The right approach is to “Leverage the Cloud” for business transformation and make that the foundation for better software delivery and scalable operations. RL specializes in this aspect of Cloud adoption
  • Cloud by definition encompasses multiple providers (Public, Private, Hybrid. Hence to manage the distributed assets RLCatalyst is the solution, taking care of Orchestration, CMDB, Cost, Capacity Usage, Health and Security Governance
  • The RLCatalyst product enables an ecosystem to Create, Validate, Deploy, Monitor and Govern an army of “Software BOTs” that drives an Automation-First approach bringing up-to 30% reduction of human efforts with better quality and faster deliveries. We provide 200+ pre-Built BOTs for common Development, Operations and Business Process automation activities.
  • The BOTs that are created with RLCatalyst are Intelligent and Self-Aware – this allows the BOTs to learn from previous outcomes and help achieve Auto-Remediation and Actionable Decisions
  • With a combination of Specialized Services and IP-based Product RLCatalyst, RL is partnering with very large enterprises and startups to move forward on adoption of Cloud, DevOps and Automation with software BOTs for accelerating Digital transformation
  • Also, In the highly competitive service provider market, RLCatalyst can truly catalyze Cloud Service Provider business and accelerate your revenue growth through its unique Cloud Service Brokering capability and billing, invoicing, reconciliation, provisioning, contracting and other similar features.

Get in touch with us for a partnership in this exciting journey to get the right answers.